Barnston Manor

Barnston Manor

Barnston Manor

 Situated about half a mile West of the village is a manor house of two storeys and in part with attics. The walls are of local limestone rubble and ashlar and the roofs are covered with stone slates. The house was built towards the end of the 13th century, probably by a member of the Estoke family, and it retains the hall and solar wing of this date; the kitchen may well have been detached but nothing of it survives.  Remains of a building beside the road, possibly a gate house, were removed about 150 years ago. In the 15th century the great chimneystack on the South side of the hall was added. In the 16th century the accommodation was increased by the insertion of the floor in the hall, the upper floor being approached by a staircase added on the North West, and by the building of the West wing. At the same time the house was improved by the addition of the  bay window at the South end of the solar wing. The walls were in part refaced in ashlar and the older fireplaces modernised.

Since the 16th century the building has undergone only essential reconstructions, some rearrangements inside involving the loss of the hall screen and the identity of the screens passage, and general repair and renewal of some windows. Barnston is of considerable interest for the retention of much of the building c. 1300 and of 16th century work of good country quality.

The manor is occupied by tenants and is not open to the public, but can be seen from the road or the hills behind.


An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Dorset by the Commission on Historical Monuments.


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